An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"A Christian comedian serving up our Faith by the Spoonful "

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bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Personal Testimony
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Just plain fun Comedy Show

What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays with 2 ordinary household tablespoons with music in the background.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays flaming spoons - This depends on age group of audience.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has an audience Sing-A-Long competition. Everyone gets involved.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions.  A-Rock-N-Roll and A Rap-Spoon Player.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of the audience.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has adult and student oriented programs.
  (All shows with a theme are 75% fun and 25% message)

Michael W. Smith

Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said

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Byron Baptist Church - Keith Patterson, Upward Sports Director

"Jim, after 20 Award's Night programs, I was looking for something different this time. I was intrigued to see how spoons could entertain as well as present the gospel. The "Spoon Man" was just what I wanted. Our sanctuary was filled with laughter and great fun. Most important, the players listened to your gospel presentation. If your programs need a change, The "Spoon Man" can feed your need. Thanks Jim. "

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Pleasant Valley Baptist Church - Kimberly A Wilson - Awana Commander

"Jim, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for our church family. Here are some things to praise God for: 1) We had 4 kids indicate that they are interested in baptism 2) One child stated that she asked Jesus into her heart for the first time that night. 3) I had multiple people contact me on Thursday morning thanking me for a great family night. 4) I visited with my teenagers last night at Awana and asked them what they thought. They can be a difficult audience and yet.....they loved it. Many of them wanted to know if the program could have been longer and wanted me to tell you that they loved just laughing.
Last night at Awana, the following story was shared with one of the Directors. "A teen stopped me last night to tell me about how much they enjoyed the Spoon Man. She convinced her mom to come with her and her family. Her mom is still having a really hard time with their dad's passing. Her mother really enjoyed the show and she called the next morning to admit that was the first time she had laughed since he had passed. So big congrats to the Spoon Man and to you for finding him" The list could go on and on. I am so thankful for you and your ministry. You are a blessing. May God continue to use you to share His beautiful story. "

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Oak Grove First Baptist Church - Todd Hicks, Upward League Director

"Jim, this was our 6th Upward season. You did a great job keeping the kids enthused, as well as the adults. Your show is funny, entertaining, and you presented the Gospel very clearly, which was most important to us. I have no reservations recommendingThe "Spoon Man" to any organization looking for some clean comedy. Thanks Jim, for a job well done! "

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First United Methodist Church - Jeff Walton, Upward Sports Director

"Jim, you were a huge hit! The adults and kids all left with smiles on their faces. You presented the Gospel in a clear, concise way that everyone could understand. You certainly left an impression. Jim, I just want to prepare everyone who hires you to remember to hide their spoons before they get home, because the kids will definitely be banging them together after The "Spoon Man" gets through with them! "

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First Church of the Nazarene - Bev Burgin, Upward Sports Director

"Jim, you were one of the best entertainers we have had. The kids and adults all enjoyed you. Your interaction with the audience throughout the program was wonderful. You presented the salvation message in a way that the children could understand. Thank you for sharing with our church. "

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First Baptist Church - Bob Martin, Upward Sports Director

"We had 500+ in attendance with 29 teams and 252 players and cheeleaders. Jim you did a great job in interaction with the children and parents involving them and engaging them throughout your performance. The performance was high energy and funny. The parents and children loved it as they flooded the state after the Awards Celebration. We had 16 salvations, seven who responded that they were unsure of their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and four requesting info on joining our church. Jim you are easy to work with and accommodating. I would recommend you for any Upwards Awards Celebration."

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The Rock Church - Tony Alise, Outreach Director

"Jim, we want to thank you for coming to our Upward Soccer Awards Night! You are blessed with an amazing talent and the audience was captivated with your show. Pastor Blake and I thought your testimony and Gospel Message was indeed a blessing for all. I highly recommend The Spoonman for any fellowship or celebration you may have. He was funtastic! ."

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Northland United Methodist Church - Amanda Mclaughlin, Upward Sports Director

"We really enjoyed the show you did for our Upward Season Celebration. I got lots of positive comments after from the kinds and adults. The message was great and the audience participation was very entertaining. I would highly recommend you to anyone else searching for an event entertainer. Thanks so much!"

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Hillsdale United Brethren Church - Shawn Miller, Upward Sports Director

"Hillsdale Upward Sports would like to thank you very much for the fantastic job you did at our End of Year Awards. I would like to thank you for your punctuality and ability to adapt to our schedule. Then to discuss your presentation, well it was fantastic!! Jim you were the buzz for sure at Church the next morning. I was working the Coffee hour, every table was talking about your show and how much they enjoyed it, from kids to adults alike. Your simple yet strong message was heard from all and spoke about for weeks to follow. My daughter and friends are still playing the spoons, a month later. Thank you once more for your show and obvious Love for Saviour Jesus Christ. You get my strongest recommendation. Have a great day and God Bless."

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Church of Christ Colonies - Amy Vaderpool, Children Minitries

"Jim, we had wonderful response from our congregation. Everyone from children to older adults talked about your unique talent and energized show! I would recommend this for anyone any age. We've had many Christian entertainers over the years at our congregation, but none that I enjoyed talking with more than you. Your love for the Lord and spreading his message in a fun way is contagious! Keep playing those spoons!!! "

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Eastside Baptist Church - Tim McDaniel

" Jim you did a great job entertaining our kids at our Upward Awards celebration. They had a blast and enjoyed the interactive part of the show. Your kids will love The Spoonman! "

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Crestwood Baptist Church - Mark Brockman - Administrative Pastor and Recreation Minister

"Jim performed for our Upwards Awards celebrations (it's a two night event). He did a wonderful job of engaging the kids and their families with 'Good Clean fun'. We truly enjoyed his unusual talent. Not something you see every day. Jim was on time, worked well with us in planning the ceremony, and was a pleasure to work with."

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Diocese of Superior - Megan Noll, Office of Youth and Young Adults

"Thanks for providing a great show for a diverse group (grades 6-12). You offered practical testimony through relatable stories while at the same time entertaining and making the whole audience laugh! You were definitely a highlight to our evening events. It's good to see a performer such as yourself, walk the walk as talk the talk. This is a great testament to your relationship with our Lord Jesus. Thank you for your witness of faith and fun."
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Emmanuel Baptist Church - Lucy Koleen
"Excellent performance. Your message was right on. The kids loved you!"
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Trinity Lutheran Church - Sandy Hnatusko
"Thanks for your great comedy performance. Your message on prayer was ideal for our group."
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Calvary Church - Jan VanDyke
"Wonderful job Spoon Man! The kids and adults loved you."
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Daybreak Wesylean Church - Holly Elliot
"This was your 8th year in a row. Thank you for your great work with our kids."
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Holy Cross Church - Sue Helms
"Thank you for performing at our fall festival. Our parishioners are still talking about your hilarious program."
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St. Sebastian School - Mary Jo Walch - Principal
"Thanks for your wonderful presentation. The faculty was very impressed with your inspirational message. The kids need to hear from adults whose faith in Christ is important in their lives."
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Beverly Reformed Church - Mert Dreyer
"Thank you for your fine performance at our Family Ice Cream Social."
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Bread of Life Lutheran Church - Tiffany Brown
"Thank you for playing at our Christmas Party. Your audience interaction was spectacular along with your flaming spoons!"
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Mike Urschalitz
"In my six years at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, this show was by far the best in its entertainment and appeal to all ages. Many of our volunteers also  said this was the best entertainment they have seen yet at the dinner."
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St. Angela School - Maggie, 8th Grade
"You really
helped me see
that I can be anything I want ,even a spoon player. Thanks a lot for talking to my grade!"
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